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"For me, the unsurpassed beauty of Kundalini yoga lies in its power to "give people back to themselves”." 




Meet Me

I was born Serbian, I met my English husband in Scotland, our son was born in Dubai, our dog - a Siberian husky - comes from the West cost of Norway, and we live happily in Trondheim.  

I have founded “KundaliniYogaAndSound”.

I hold a degree of Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. I had 13 years of a successful career in the oil and gas industry in several countries, including Norway, before I started teaching Kundalini Yoga in January 2016.  

I am, among many other things, a:

  • certified Kundalini Yoga instructor (by the Kundalini Research Institute, US), 
  • certified Gong Yoga teacher (by Gong Yoga, US, where I have trained with Grand Master Mehtab Benton, one of the two living legends of the Gong in the West),
  • licensed GroovyKids Yoga instructor (by GroovyKids™ Yoga, US),
  • certified sound therapist in the use of Gongs and Tibetan bowls (trained at various places), 
  • carrier of an Ægishjálmur Gong.

I teach Kundalini Yoga in depth, taking it as a true science where every ´why´ has its ´because´, and where mastery has advantage over mystery. My motto is, to quote Yogi Bhajan: “Never curse yourself by limiting your students." I convey the teachings with the intention of seeing my students empowered, independent and strong, so that they can, if they wish, open new doors for themselves and evolve further in their lives.

I also travel with Sound and heal on the way. 

I welcome you to the tribe of my friends, students and co-walkers on the path of expanding awarness!